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5 Elegant and Modern Curtains and Window Treatments for Your Home

Adding drapes and curtains to your window can add a lot of character, not only to the window, but for the entire room. You can change the look of the room by simply changing the curtains and its styling. It is lot cheaper to change the window treatment than to re-decorate the whole room.

Here are 5 ideas that you can use to achieve a modern look for your room.

Use decorative curtain rods

If you will not use valances or cornices, the hardware of the curtain will be exposed. If you use decorative curtain rods, then exposing the hardware is actually part of the design, and will add to the elegance of the curtain.

Along with the curtain rod, you can further enhance the look if you use decorative rings to attach the curtain. Copper or Bronze plated rings can add pizzazz to your treatment. Another idea that you can use, if you won’t use rings for your curtains, is to use flip-toppers. Flip-toppers is usually made up of fabric which is then used to affix the curtain to the rod. You can use a different fabric material for flip-toppers if you wish to add some contrast to the treatment.

Reconsider the Floor length

If you want to room to look more elegant and formal, consider putting a curtain that falls or even pools to the floor. Floor length curtains convey formality and elegance whereas curtains that fall a bit short of the fall has a more casual appearance.

If you want to achieve a really formal look, consider hanging the curtain starting from the ceiling height then let it fall all the way to the floor. This makes the window look at a lot taller than it really is.

Use tie-backs with lace

Tie-back curtain treatments has a lot of styles to choose from, ranging from the whimsical to the casual. You will need at least 2 curtain rods to achieve this treatment. You will also need the lace panels of the curtain to be 2 to 3 times the actual width of the window in order to achieve the tie-back lace style.

Tie-back lacing works well with curtains the drapes all the way to the floor, in order to complete the elegant look.

Drape the curtain fabric

Using a draped fabric is a simple, yet elegant way to achieve a sophisticated look for your window. This treatment works best with a decorative rod. You can use raw fabric for this treatment but make sure that it is made of attractive material. You will need to buy fabric that will cover at least 3 times the actual window size.

The basic idea for draping your curtain is actually create swags around the curtain rod, you can add pleats to the curtain so that it has a pinched look in between the swags.

Use printed curtains

The simplest and the cheapest of all the treatment ideas is to simply get printed curtains. This works excellently for a young girl’s room. You can find lots of patterns that are themed, for example, fairy-themed fabric or underwater-themed fabric. When she has tired of the theme, you can simply buy a new fabric, and voila, instant change of look.

Decorating Ideas For Apartment Halls

Sophisticated simplicity sums up the look in apartment-style halls. Space may be at a premium, or the hall double as a living area, so features are both decorative and practical.

The apartment-style hallway offers a first glimpse of a home where a busy urban lifestyle is reflected in its pared-down, stylish decoration. Planned with creative flair, the furniture is streamlined, the storage practical, and the color scheme distinctive. Utilizing space in a visually pleasing and innovative way is a priority. Hallways can be small and narrow, or airy and open plan, with boundaries between the hall and the living or work areas not traditionally defined.

Color, shape, and texture create an essentially upbeat mood. Space-enhancing neutrals are balanced with vibrant color accents and simple furniture and accessories. These have sleek organic or geometric lines, in pale wood, metal, glass, or plastic, perhaps counter-balanced with high-tech industrial-look pieces, or flattered by textured natural fibers. Simple accessories, such as a plain table lamp, are in keeping with the pared-down look.

Creating the Look

Visual streamlining creates a sense of space, and minimizes less than perfect features. Use pale color or white to create a sense of light and space, and consider how the color choice will affect adjoining rooms – aim for a good tonal balance, using either color harmonies or contrasts. Use stronger color or interesting texture such as roughcast plaster, and glossy finishes, to accentuate structural features such as pillars, posts, alcoves, prominent walls, or sloping ceilings. In a narrow hall you can use mirrors or mirror tiles to open up the space or front a built-in cupboard.

In a larger space such as an open-plan hall/living room, create a visual break with a screen wall of glass bricks, or use a freestanding shelving unit as a divider between the entrance and the living area.

Counteract the effect of too many doors – or any other unwelcome details -by painting them a color to blend with the walls. Woodwork should match the wall color, or be painted a slightly lighter or darker shade in a matte finish. To suit the style, doors should be plain and flush with a wood veneer finish, glass paneled (with wired glass for a high-tech look), or painted as a color accent feature. Door furniture and handles should have a contemporary twist – in matte metallics or quirky resin shapes.

Style Pointers


Plain/color block: white, neutral, space/light-enhancing walls and ceilings: controlled contrast color areas, textural, rough-cast/mirrored/metallic/glass brick areas.

Wall coverings: graphic images, bold colorwash effects.


Simple blinds/curtains: natural or colored wood slatted Venetians, white, neutral, color accent Roman, or roller blinds; rod pocket/tab, eyelet-headed/tension wire curtains, panels; metal curtain rods.


Neutrals/striking color: natural heavy cotton/linen weaves; bold checks; stripes; bold, stylized abstract florals/graphic prints.


Sleek/space-defining: blond woodstrip/colored floorboards; natural fiber matting; linoleum/rubber flooring; contrast color tiles; plain wall-to-wall carpet; bold abstract/designer rugs.


Streamlined/space saving: clean lines, designer/architectural pieces, dual purpose, blond wood, steel/aluminum, console table/chest of drawers/desk, neutral/mirror fronted built-in cupboards; modular/free-standing shelf unit; color-accent occasional chair/seating.


Atmospheric/high-tech: wire tracking/halogen spotlights; sculptural effect pendant/avant-garde/quirky, designer chandelier; versatile task/atmospheric lamps; wall-mounted or free-standing torcheres, natural finish, metallic, glass; table lamps in molded plastic, metallics, glass, parchment.


Color accent/sculptural: designer style, avant-garde, bold, organic form/streamlined looks for: clothes/hat stand/hooks, umbrella stand in pale wood/brushed steel; sleek wood/metallic picture frames, graphic/modern art/photographic prints; plain/colored glass/plastic or brushed steel vases/containers, modern clock; specimen flowers/large plant/cacti; over-sized urns/twisted willow twigs.

Mediterranean Ideas for Your Home

How can you bring more color into your home? There are so many different ways that this is just a short list of them.

Using mosaic tile, with its bright colors of the terra cotta or brick hues will automatically bring a floor and a room to life. Bring the concept even further into the room by putting these mosaics on the walls as molding, around door frames, and as back splashes, if you are doing a kitchen or bathroom. Start small by putting the tiles in small space such as an alcove or a foyer, and use a dramatic sweep of lavender or red caulking that you can easily apply with a trowel.

Furniture is another sure fire way to add drama and color to a home. The wood may be simple or complex designs, but if you keep them low and include different accents made of marble, iron or tile, you will create a bright Mediterranean look. This is probably more authentic then the types you will be ready made in the stores.

These kinds of materials such as terra cotta, glass and iron have been used to decorate homes for ages. These materials have an appeal to everyone because we all realize that they are time tested decorating ideas that involve care and craftsmanship, and are therefore very respected.

Another idea for color is a tapestry on the wall. If you use wrought iron mountings to hang it, it will look even more authentic. A grill made of wrought iron will serve as a simple decoration on a wall, or you can use it to create the look of a window or to accent entrances, doorways or mirrors. All of these will add color and charm. Use the basic paint colors to allow these accent pieces to stand out.

Pottery is an easy way to add color to a room as well as form and a sense of drama. It can be in its natural state of terra cotta or it can be glazed in lovely colors, but either way it will add a lot. Try giant pots, elaborate vases in old world shapes and you will create a bright dramatic look for your home. Add wrought iron racks and candelabras, wood embellishments, table runners that reflect the colors of the pottery, and you have a lovely romantic setting. Other touches that will add to this ambiance are urns of burnished brass, a water fountain made from stone or one of the new resins that resemble stone, a relief over the fireplace and other touches that add to this look.

The purpose of all of this is to create the look of a bright Mediterranean idyll, full of sunshine and warmth. Create this by a main theme that creates the interest, and continue it will small touches that you and your guests glimpse at every turn.

To do your planning, perhaps it would help to envision yourself with a glass of Chianti at a villa by the Mediterranean. Picture yourself sitting in an garden enclosed by a stucco wall lined with sunflowers. The exit is a wooden door with wrought iron scrolling for hinges and pulls. In the background, you can glimpse the terra cotta tiles on the roofs of the local homes. Yours will look like that soon.

Ideas To Decorate Your House With Innovative Modern Wall Decor

Butterfly wall decor and butterfly wall art are two of the most appealing modern wall art ideas today. Its unique artistry, color and feel are combined to create a gorgeous concept that can be applied in various special occasions like weddings, debuts and girl birthdays. Butterfly wall decor and butterfly wall art are also utilized to decorate babies nursery, or a ‘big girl’ room. In fact, these home accents are very versatile that they are used to embellish any areas around the house, even on outdoors. Whether you like the idea of using modern wall art to add charm during gatherings and parties or you want to captivate your little girl by the wonderful and subtle movements of butterfly wall decor and butterfly accessories, these home accents are capable of doing both tasks if properly organized.

To give you a glimpse of how to effectively use these accessories, here are some wonderful ideas of using butterfly modern wall decals and home accents.

Baby’s Nursery

Dazzle your little one with the beauty of butterfly modern wall art and watch them become fascinated by their enjoyable presence. Turn your wall into an elegant butterfly art, printed with memorable lines, names or even photos of the family that she will love for years to come.

Girl’s Room Decor

Butterfly accessories add life and color to any garden themed girl’s bedroom walls or ceiling. She will be delighted to see her name on it and allow her to personalize her room by adding her favorite stickers on the wall.

Home Decor

Turn your bland and boring walls and ceilings into a dramatic, bright and distinctive arrangement of beauty and art using butterfly accessories. With its wide array of colors, designs and sizes you will be able to combine and create a wonderful garden concept that will match your established home decor. You can also decorate curtains, lamps, walls, picture frames, and so much more.

For more information on how to use and arrange butterfly decors and accessories, you can search the internet for additional designs ideas and concepts. Have fun!

10 Great Decorating Ideas For a Girl’s Room

Are you decorating your girl’s room and you need some great ideas? There are a variety of themes and ideas that you can decorate a bedroom with depending on what you want. It is good have basic decorating ideas for whatever kind of room you decide to have. Here are ten great decorating ideas for a girl’s room.


Painting is probably one of the most important things to make a room beautifully decorated. Just pick the favorite color that your girl loves and paint with it. Paint the walls in her favorite color. You can even use a lighter shade on the opposite wall to give some depth and variety to the room.

You can paint the ceiling if it goes with the theme you want. A blue sky with moons and stars can make a room enchanted. You can even add glow-in-the-dark stars so her room comes alive at night. Be creative with your painting.


There are amazing colors and prints available for kids’ bedding. Use the fun print on the bedding to help you decide the color scheme for your little girl’s room. Have fun with the bedding.

Use accents

The best way to get that great paint job to stand out is by using accents. Accent the paint with some decorative pillows. Pillows always stand out on a beautiful bed. You can also add stuffed animals, rugs, bookshelves and colored frame pictures to accent the paint.

Curtains and Blinds

When doing curtains and blinds, make sure to keep them a solid color. The bedding and accents will already be enough color for the room. Try and use sheer or semi sheer curtains for the girl’s room because this allows the right amount of light to come in. You can also combine them with blinds, so you can keep the light out when it’s time for bed..


What little girl doesn’t like looking at themselves in the mirror? Little girls love checking themselves out and making sure they look good. Place a mirror above the dresser or somewhere where she can use it often.

Add Quotes

A great modern look to a girl’s room is to add vinyl or painted quotes to the walls. Say things like, “Love”, or “Joy”, or “Little girls have the most fun”. Be creative with your sayings. This adds so much character to a room and your girl will love it.


Adding a little table or desk for them to color on or to be creative is always nice in their room. This way when they are pretending, they can have a place to color, have a tea party, or cook their favorite meal.


If there is room you can add bean bag chairs or a comfy stool to create a fun space for them to read. Having a reading corner is always a fun idea, and kids usually love a special place to read.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are great for sleepovers and slumber parties. Or take a look at loft beds, that provide either a study desk or extra storage.


The lighting in the room is very important in a child’s room. You can either use bright lamp shades or just simple lights, whichever you prefer. Make sure the lights are well placed and oriented, illuminating the right corners of the room. A light in their reading corner or next to their bed are good places. Lighting always accents any room.

Make a Theme

When doing all this work, try for a different look and make a fun theme out of the room. You could make a beach or ocean room, a fish room, a jungle room, a princess room or anything else you can think of that your girl would like. You can even decorate with pictures from a vacation you took and make the theme your vacation. Kids love to be able to walk into a fantasy to sleep in.

Designing a girl’s bedroom should be easy if you know what your daughter likes. Let her help you decorate with what she likes. Follow these ten great decorating ideas for a girl’s room and she will love it. Plus, when it is done how she likes, she will want to spend hours at a time in there and will be anxious to invite her friends over to play in it.