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Facts about an Air Injection Pump

At this time one of the most crucial things is trying to control and minimize the rate of gas emission. You cannot do away with it completely, but one can make an effort to minimize it. Every driver is responsible for making an effort to reduce gas emission by ensuring that the car they drive runs smoothly without emitting heavy smoke. In any vehicle, gas emission can be reduced, and this can be done through the replacement of a component present in the vehicle. The component in a vehicle that is responsible for gas emissions is the air injection pump. This component is very important as it reduces and tries to control gas emissions in a vehicle.

To ensure that the burning of fuel is clean and very efficient an air injection pump is always present in any auto mobile. Secondary air injection pump is another name for the air injection pump. Gases are burnt when a vehicle ignites. From the combustion chamber these gases are removed through a small port to the exhaust pipe. During this process of burning oxygen is brought in through the air injection pump. Oxygen should be present for burning to take place and hence it comes through the port to ensure that there is complete combustion.

Introducing oxygen ensures that depletion is made easier as in this chamber there are hrydrocarbons and carbon monoxide are usually burning. An air pump is another component that is necessary for purifying the gas been emitted. The air pump usually generates a force that pushes in fresh air into the system. The powering force of the air pump is the electric motor or a belt in some instances. Similar to the air injection pump is the diverter pump, and it is also another component when it comes to purifying the gases been emitted. A valve is always present in a car only to keep fresh amounts of fresh air.

A diverter pulp works under the principle that when the car is slowing down it minimizes back firing, and this results into limitation of the air pressure. Another component that works similar to the air injection pump is the air distributor. Air distributor can also be referred to as an air management valve or a distribution manifold, but all these names refer to it. The air distributor valve is responsible for changing the direction of the air flow. The air distributor on changing the direction of air flow directs it to either the exhaust manifold or to the catalytic converter. This factor of changing direction normally depends on the operating conditions of that specific vehicle.

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