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Getting the Best Substation Site

Substation is a very important service in power industries, it helps to control the voltage from either high levels to low levels or low levels to high levels for power transmission, distribution, and switching. Before making any selection of a site for substation, a company is supposed to consider some factors which will help them in making a good choice that won’t cause any harm to the ones living around the area.

Number one factor to put into consideration in the type of substation that the company is going to set up, is the power is to be pooled from different sources and set for long distances, it should be located in a cool place tom minimize power losses also, where the power is pooled from different sources and transmitted to short distance, it should be located near a load center to reduce transmission losses, the cost and for better transmission which will ensure that the power is there always.

The land for this service should be large enough and on a flat surface, this will help prevent flooding and make transmission easy, when a substation is set in a noisy place example where people go for training of gun shooting, it can be dangerous because fire might start up any time, this places are not suitable for setting up a power substation. The site selected for substation should be efficient for better communication, this will ensure that the company is able to communicate well with each employee for better and quality services rendering, it should also be near a road to make transportation easy, this will make transportation of the necessary materials easy because there won’t be any obstacles along the way.

When selecting a substation site, it is best to not select a land near a water body, this is because there is a lot of air pollution and land pollution, when these sites are close by a water body they will cause pollution of the water thus causing harm to marine life and individuals who depend on this bodies, also when there are people living near these sites, they are likely to suffer from illnesses due to inhalation of harmful gases produced. When there are other food processing companies around a substation, there is a high risk that the food may be poisoned when the harmful gases find their way in, this may cause harm to human lives.

The sites should be not so far from people, when these substations are close by public facilities such as hospitals, schools, and residential places, there will be easy provision of power thus easy daily operations. The drainage system from the substation should be of high quality, this will ensure that no contamination of the harmful products with human and marine life will occur thus making the environment a conducive environment. Air and water pollution won’t occur thus the bacteria that cause illnesses won’t find their way into animals’ lives therefore, a good substation site should have a good drainage system.

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