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List of Game Boy Games People Still Play Today

The Game Boy Color is known to have a number of timeless classics.

The Playstation and Nintendo made the 90’s into the golden age of video games and gaming was flourishing. Almost every single kid had a Game Boy at their hands, the portable games console was a massive hit. But in the year 1998, everything was blown out of the water when the Game Boy Color was released.

The original game boy had no colored display and played games in a pixilated form. The Game Boy Color was somewhat the same but the key difference is that it displays games in full color. This changed the way developers made video games, then a number of great video games for the Game Boy Color were released.

Here below is a list of those said games. You can find links to shop these games here.

Wario Land 3

Wario Land 3 features the inverse of mario, Wario as the main character, the game was released in the year 2000. Wario Land 3 is a platformer that has a similar gameplay to Super Mario Bros and features new items for the player to use and play around with.

Wario Land 3 features fantastic levels and great gameplay and is known to be one of the greatest Game Boy Color Games. The game has a much darker aesthetic with levels that are unique and fresh, I brand new take on the vibrant tone of the Mario games which is quite visually pleasing. You can click shop these games to check the game out.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX with DX meaning director’s cut, is a re-release for the Game Boy. The game feature’s updated visuals and full colors. The games has been in all top Game Boy Color video games list. Click to shop these games.

Super Mario Bros DX

Mario has to be a household name just like pokemon, it is the game that revolutionized the sidescrolling platformer and is a worldwide success. It’s a rerelease of the original that released for the NES. You can shop these games through the link.

Pokmon Gold and Silver

Pokmon Gold and Silver, it is the first gaame that pops out of people’s minds when you ask them about Game Boy Color games, and they are not mistaken as this happens to be one of the best Pokmon games. The game is the sixth Pokmon game out in the long running series of pokemon games, Pokmon Gold and Silver offers the same solid gameplay with some additions and vibrant visuals and 100 new Pokmon for players to collect. You can shop these games here through the link.

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