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Symptoms of Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer terrifies but knowing this early can prevent it from spreading and save your life. Ensure you read more here for more info about cancer’s common warning signs.

First, one loses appetite. Cancer affects metabolism and this can cause loss of appetite. Moreover, certain types of cancer like pancreatic, ovarian, stomach or colon cancers can pressure the stomach thus making one not to feel hungry more often.

The second symptom is the unexplained weight loss. Another sign showing that you could be having cancer is the unexplained weight loss. Most of those having cancer lose weight. If you have lost 10 pounds or more for no explainable reason, get checked by a doctor. The unexplainable and sudden weight loss is often caused by pancreatic, lung, esophagus, or stomach cancer.

The third symptom is blood in the stool. Sores, hemorrhoids or ulcers are some infections that cause blood in the stool. It indicates there is a problem with your GI tract. Blood whose color is bright red could be flowing from one’s intestines or rectum. Darker blood could be coming from a place higher in your GI, for example, your stomach. If you see blood in your stool, get tested.

Blood in the urine is the fourth sign. This shows there is an issue with the urinary tract. There are many other conditions that cause blood to appear in urine, for example, kidney stones. Blood in urine could signify cancer of the bladder or kidney.

The next symptom is excessive fatigue. This does not point to the normal tiredness that affects everybody. You should be concerned when you experience deep exhaustion that does not go away even after changing your activity level or getting more sleep. If you rest and your exhaustion does not improve, see your doctor.

The other sign is skin change. Changes in your skin could imply skin cancer. if there are incurable growth and soles or changes in your skin color, visit a dermatologist. Skin changes do not imply you are suffering from cancer. If your skin appears darker and there is a yellow look on your skin or eyes or there is a lot of hair growth or itching, it is possible you are having cancer. If you see a mole, wart or a freckle whose color, shape, and size changes rapidly or sharp borders fade, consult a doctor.

Finally, you could be feeling a lump. You can feel a number of cancers through your skin. Such cancers occur in the soft tissues including testicles, breasts, and lymph nodes. In case your family members have breast cancer, go for breast cancer genetic testing.