Go Global With Bathroom Design With Bathroom Furniture Trends From Around the World

Travelling to distant lands and taking in different cultures is enough to give anyone interior design inspiration for decorating the home. However, you don’t even have to leave the country to give your home that travelled feel as this year’s around the world trends for bathroom furniture can be effortlessly achieved in almost any bathroom setting – whatever country you live in. While it is safe to say that this patriotic year in Britain truly is the year of embracing ‘Britishness’ so it is no wonder that traditional and period designs are taking a favouritism on the interior design circuit – but what other trends are paving the way forward in bathroom design around the world?

One of the main trends in Asia for bathroom furniture this year is serenity. As many people want to turn the bathroom into the centre of calm that it is so associated with, this trend is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners all over the world. The main elements of the serenity trend is fuss-free design and tranquility, this can be achieved through choosing units in a simple design such as cabinets and storage units with clean straight lines in neutral shades such as light ivory, white or cream. Another reason why these units will pull off the trend is that they can conveniently tidy away any daily essentials as creating a clutter-free environment is one of the main aspects of the serenity trend.

Despite the popularity of adding modern and high-tech features to the bathroom such as shower panels and luxury jacuzzi tubs, one of the main bathroom furniture trends in America is to create that stylish mix of the contemporary and the traditional. This is a great option for those who don’t want to revamp their entire bathroom as by simply contrasting modern shower enclosures with the classic look of a wooden storage unit or washstand will instantly create that bold contrast of the old and the new.

Finally one of the main decor trends sweeping Europe that can be effortlessly applied to bathroom furniture is the trend of texture. Possibly a trend specifically linked to furniture, the texture trend gives the bathroom a bold look through wooden units or sleek gloss finished cabinets. To add even extra impact to this trend, you could team the wavy lines of a wooden vanity unit with textured natural stone wall or floor tiles for a bold and chic selection of different textures in the bathroom.

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